Hello, my name is Steve Diezel and I truly appreciate you coming all the way here.

In a nutshell, I enjoy solving the puzzles and challenges that come with designing the experience for players. How much damage does this enemy need to do? Where should this puzzle be placed, and how should the hints be composed? Should the level be narrow or wide, which play styles do we want to reward? There is a quite literal Pandora's box that comes with balancing games, especially multiplayer ones. Between keeping the spirit of challenge alive and managing player happiness, the work of balancing and QA never has a true end. It is that challenge however that brings me towards it though, the stress and blood that goes into crafting the perfect experience makes it all the better when the player's eyes light up when they finally crack your code.

Similarly to the struggles of guiding players through balance, I also enjoy writing and guiding players through narrative. An example can be found linked in my resume. Weaving a narrative which rewards players who dig deep, without alienating players who exclusively look for game play is another active challenge I am attracted to. To send players on a roller coaster of emotions through a narrative is a dream of mine to say the least.

Graduated in December 2017 with a BA in Digital Media, and now pursuing a Masters at FIEA - i'm excited to tackle the myriad challenges that come with game-dev with you. 
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