Project: Create was my first real professional foray into the industry. even as just a QA team member I was able to learn a lot about how this profession works. I'm still under NDA for a while - so what I mention here will be toned down a bit and vague  - bear with me!
This project brought incredibly useful challenges to bear against me for to learn off of. The first was simple, this was my first time in a professional setting - and hopping into a place with an established culture was nerve wracking. Thankfully the family there was astounding, and my cultural on-boarding took less than two days. This showed me something that never crossed my mind until that point, but that people work better when they're happy. I was confident enough to ask questions of my peers without being looked down upon, and was able to jump into the pilot's seat alone by week one.
Second challenge was adapting to new technology. If you didn't know, Magic Leap is a company based down in Plantation FL dealing with some exciting new tech in the mixed reality realm. Essentially, I was learning the basics of something I hadn't even conceived possible until then - so it was a bit bumpy wrapping my head around it at first. That said though, adaptability is an essential skill in this industry - so I am pretty glad my first experience changing gears was such a smooth one.
Finally, I had hopped on this project when it was in full bore down the track, there was no time to waste. Pipelines had to be learned, priorities set, and team members memorized - there were no brakes on this train. I was able to test my mettle against a grindstone moving 1000 mph - and found myself coming out of the experience quite a bit sharper. I won't lie, my first experience professionally was a good one, and I hope many more like it come along the way.
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